Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Easy Non-Toxic Air Freshener

But, first...I am super excited to say that I got a new camera! Woohoo! No more crummy, washed-out, poorly-lit photos. Yay!!

And now for the air-freshener. This is the epitome of easy projects. I saw this simple, all-natural air freshener on Pinterest recently and had to try it. I had everything I needed on hand, including the cute little jar.

All you need for this project is baking soda, essential oil of your choice and a small jar with a lid. I had a few of these small, squat jars (I can't remember what size they are - maybe a pint?) and they are really the perfect shape and size for this project. 

Just fill the jar approximately 1/4 full with baking soda...

Then add several drops of essential oil - I used about a dozen drops give or take. In this batch, I decided to go with lemon - it's one of the most economical oils and shoot, it just smells purdy. Lavender would also be a really nice scent to use as would geranium. How about cinnamon in the fall or around the holidays? 

I mixed it around a tiny bit and then screwed on the lid. After that, just take a hammer and nail and make several holes in the top to let the scent escape.

Then, I added a ribbon to dress it up a bit...

And put it in the bathroom to try out! It smells really nice and I'm hopeful the scent will last quite a while. Of course, to refresh it, you can just add more oil or dump it and start over when you feel like a new scent. Cool!

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