Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Garden Window Spring Makeover

You know how when you look at something everyday, you stop really noticing it? Well, for some reason, last week, I looked at the garden window over my kitchen sink and thought "Wow, that looks really boring and neglected." Not the look I was going for. Here is a "before" picture (please excuse the poor picture quality - my camera died and I am improvising with a phone until I get a new one)...

How about those dirty dishes in the sink? And, doesn't Ajax just say "spring" to you? Just keeping it real. Anyway, I wanted something simple, clean, spring-i-fied (that a word?), and free. So, I shopped the house and came up with a basic vignette that I can add to as funds allow. 

I decided on a platter and a grape ivy in a weathered galvanized bucket (love the farmhouse look!) and a plaque with one of my favorite verses on it. Then I just added some lilacs and lavender from my yard to "spring it up" a little and a candle.

The colors are not as washed out as they appear in the photos, but this area definitely needs a pop of spring color. Hopefully when we head down the mountain in the next few days for our weekly town day, I can check out what Hobby Lobby has in the way of spring decor. C'mon sales!


  1. It looks so pretty! Very 'spring'. Should be able to find some good bargains in town this week--I know we have some good ones here at Hobby Lobby :)

  2. Love the creativity! Now your garden window reminds me of spring in Prague! :D It’s amazing what we can do with garden windows, right? I believe it is one part of the house where one can make an impression of the owner’s craftsmanship. How about that half-curtain? I can’t quite see if you retained or removed it. I hope it was the latter. ;) -->Ashlee