Monday, March 5, 2012

Freedom Baby!

My poor chickens have been cooped up (literally) for about a year after an ill-conceived decision to purchase a trio of guinea hens. Those guineas decided to declare war on my hens and killed at least one if not more. So, we had to keep the chickens locked safely in their coop and yard. Fast-forward one year and two of those guineas have been "taken care of" by coyotes. Without the other two, the third one has decided "if you can't beat them, join them" and has assimilated into the flock fairly well. The only thing I have caught it doing is herding the girls back into the coop just after they were let out. It gave up after awhile and just went with the flow. So, now we are "go" for free-ranging again! 

Wahoo! I have missed those bright orange yolks and the cheerful sight of hens scratching around in the grass. More importantly, since I have to feed substantially less when I free range, I can afford to finally switch over to a soy-free organic feed. I am so excited to have free-ranged organic eggs!

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