Monday, February 27, 2012

Homeschooling in the Sticks

Mondays for us usually mean homeschooling. We have a relaxed atmosphere but strive to get a lot done. With four kids ages eight to eighteen, there is a ton going on here learning-wise. The teenagers are fairly independent, but one needs everything laid out as far as planning. The other manages everything on her own. The younger kids have a mix of independent work and one-on-one time learning with mom. These guys, "the littles" do science together which is a life-saver for me. They are studying botany right now and doing some really cool experiments.

We have been homeschooling for six years now and just love it. It has been such a natural fit for us. That is not to say it's been easy, but it has been fun and so very, very worth it. One thing we discovered soon after moving to the country is that homeschooling is much more common out here in the boonies than it was in the burbs. Having a largish family and homeschooling too made us quite the curiosity in town, but out here, we don't raise an eyebrow (at least not for homeschooling!). We have a busy day today working on school,  getting ready for company and running errands. Time to get to it!

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